Opus Events Agency Launches TotalCast – A Revolutionary Demo Presentation Technology

Beaverton, Ore – Opus Events Agency has released its newest revolutionary presentation technology, TotalCast.  TotalCast creates the ability to cost-effectively reflect multiple active device images on a single screen in full 3D rendering and motion.  Simple and unobtrusive, TotalCast replaces costly and cumbersome software and hardware components into a single, easy-to-use device that eliminates the clutter and complexity within demonstration stations and stages.

Currently, TotalCast is rendered for all Apple iOS devices, Android-based solutions, Google Glass and of course popular desktop & laptop systems.  Each device that is part of the demo is brought into the concealed TotalCast unit to directly reflect on one screen. The entire demo solution is represented in full 3D animation, complete with reflection and lighting effects to make for sleek, realistic representations.  TotalCast also provides presenters with the ability to seamlessly demonstrate real-time interaction between all devices at the push of a button.

“TotalCast will propel demo display capabilities to a whole new keynote level without all the cost and infrastructure to go along with it,” stated Kerrie Sheldon, EVP of Event Strategy and Production at Opus Events Agency. “Once presenters see how elegantly it works, it instantly becomes a ‘must-have’.”

For a full demonstration of this cutting edge technology, please visit: http://www.opuseventsagency.com/Opus_TotalCast.html . TotalCast is available in a variety of size configurations for expos as well as simple to complex keynotes.  TotalCast can also be customized to support most devices.