e-Book: 12 Rules for Safe and Productive Work Travel

Putting on hundreds of events around the globe each year requires a serious amount of work travel. Rather than get chewed up in the grind, the event wizards at Opus have figured out the secret code to acing work on the go.

Our work has taken us all over—whether you’re in San Francisco, Dubai, or Bermuda, we know what works because Opus has been there before.

In this handy e-book, we’ll provide the top tips for staying safe and maximizing productivity (without sacrificing your sanity) while you’re away from the office.

Paula Grayson, EVP of Agency Customer Success for Opus, has honed her knack for knocking it out of the park on the road over 20+ years in the events industry. In this guide, she distills years of wisdom into a manageable list of tips and tricks to keep you safe and keep your workload managed without the benefit of a home-field advantage. Don’t leave for your next work trip without reading it!

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