What I Learned from Attending Mule Design’s “Presenting Work with Confidence” Workshop at Design Week Portland

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure (and luck) to be one of 20 wannabe extroverts in Mike Monteiro’s Presenting Work with Confidence workshop during Portland Design Week. Yep, you read that right: 20 introverts arrived at Outlet PDX (a wonderful, visually stimulating little gem of an event space) to learn how to be more comfortable and confident while presenting to a crowd. Read More >

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Opus Celebrates Women in Technology: Meet Carleen

As an agency with an internal tech team that primarily serves technology clients, we value women in tech. We understand the unique obstacles women in the tech industry face, so we’re proud to highlight our female tech team members who are thriving. In the second installment of Opus Women in Tech, get to know Opus Director of Technology Operations, Carleen Nikzi. Read More >

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Projection or LED Screens: Which is Best for Your Event?

Finding the best way to display content or visuals at your event can be a difficult process. There are a few different approaches, two of the most popular solutions being LED screens and traditional projection technology. What you might want to do as a marketer may be at odds with your CFO or finance team!  In this showdown, I’ll be comparing the benefits and downsides of each approach. Which will come out on top? Read More >

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Pay Attention to What Inspires Your Designers

Designers don’t limit themselves to creating from nine to five. They draw inspiration from everywhere, all the time. As a creative director, it’s imperative that you know where their inspiration is coming from. In my team’s case, doing so has led to some incredible client work. Read More >

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