Listen to Opus Discuss Diversity in Events

Michael Layton, Event Operations Manager here at Opus Agency, joined The Don and Mike Show to talk about diversity and inclusion in the event management space.

Diversity is a hot topic that will certainly continue to rise in importance in the experiential marketing landscape and beyond. Our recent blog post, How Event Professionals Should Approach Diversity and Inclusion, discusses the historical lack of speaker diversity in events and how to start putting together a plan to ensure greater inclusion. In the podcast, Michael shares his experience working with clients to make sure everyone is represented.

As Michael says, “the more you talk about [diversity], the more visibility it gets, and the better it gets for everyone.” Listen in for insight and analysis about why it’s increasingly vital that diversity is a priority:

Want to learn more about diversity and other up-and-coming topics? Check out Opus Agency’s How to Harness Cultural Trends for More Successful Event Management whitepaper (PDF link).