Project Description


Microsoft Inspire

We go way back with Microsoft – we’ve worked to build and evolve this event since 1999. As part of our effort to continually improve the experience, we created the Community Initiatives program in 2019 to align with some of Microsoft’s corporate values, including attendee wellness and sustainability. 

Event management


The event app suggested walking and running routes, and we arranged for all attendee hotels to open their gym facilities early to accommodate the event agenda. We made sure venues used compostable serviceware and paper or compostable cups, and we donated unused event supplies and swag to the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. Signage was digital whenever possible, and other materials were reused, donated, or recycled after the event, contributing to an impressively low 15% waste footprint.


Grace Hopper CelebrationEmpowering, celebrating, and connecting women in tech.



GSXElectrifying a sales organization of thousands through technology, design, and location.



Creators SummitCurating an environment of celebration and appreciation for a high-touch user conference.