We Asked Our Team to Sum Up Onsite Experiences in Six Words

The best stories come from working onsite at an event. We challenged our Maestros to sum up some of their stories in just six words. Read on to see what they said (we promise you won’t regret it).

More Band-Aids please and thank you!

Oh, I forgot about the sun.

Ambassador combats evacuation rumors, panic avoided!

Purple toenails—not from nail polish.

Received 24 Toblerones from one attendee!

Youngest employee ever on site: 17.

Carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs.

Stuck in elevator for ninety minutes.

Hotel staff broke into choreographed dance.

Sleep? I don’t need no sleep.

Sprinter van full of board games.

Laughs of disappointment, tears of joy.

Accountants really appreciate a good party!

New shoes, bad news. Never again.

Team effort all day, every day.

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