Top Five Holiday Gifts for Event Professionals

Top Five Holiday Gifts for Event Professionals

Ready to gear up for in-person events in 2022? These are a few of our favorite things.

Looking to spoil your favorite event professionals this holiday season? We are so here for that. After the ups and downs and pivots and hurdles, our industry is back on its feet…literally! In-person events are back, and event professionals are on-site once more. With that in mind, here is our favorite kit and caboodle, sure to bring tidings of comfort and joy to those running (around!) the event floor.

Comfortable Sneakers

Whether they’re walking through airports, scouting a venue, running rehearsals, or working the show floor, event professionals are on their feet for long hours and consecutive days. You don’t have to sacrifice style for substance, but when it comes to conference footwear, comfy is key. Treat your event prof to some sweet kicks.

Strong Brew

Event professionals run on caffeine. From early morning call-times to late-night after-parties, this industry is always on the go. Their days on site are long and require a surplus of energy as well as attention to detail. Give them a buzz with the gift of caffeination. Cold press, travel mugs, subscription boxes, and brewing machines all make fantastic gifts.

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back…with a vengeance! They’re vibing hard with the 90s, and they’re perfect to pair with event day attire, providing both style and function on site. For a crew that’s on the move in large venues, show floors, and keynote arenas, fanny packs are a hands-free way to keep event essentials easily accessible. (Depending on where you’re from, you may also know these as a bum bag, hip pack, or belt bag. All of which are equally delightful.)

Bath Bombs

After a long, hectic day on their feet, event professionals need to unwind mentally and physically. Adding bath bombs to a warm tub is a luxurious way to calm the mind, moisturize the skin, and soothe sore muscles. They’ll enjoy the relaxing effects of aromatherapy: lavender for serenity? Peppermint for aches? Citrus for energy? Yes please! Help them get their fizz on so they are rejuvenated and ready to go the next day. P.S. The best bath bombs have toys at their center. Just saying.

TSA PreCheck

Our favorite favorite thing? Give an event professional the gift of time with TSA PreCheck. Help them fill out their application, drive them to their interview, and foot the bill. For these frequent fliers, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving. If they can whisk through TSA, they’ll be in the flow onsite too!


There you have it!

A few favorite things from your favorite event professionals. We hope we’ve made your holiday shopping a tad brighter. From all of us at Opus Agency, we wish you a happy and event-full holiday season!

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