Bon Voyage: Happy Retirement to Two Opus Mainstays

This month we’re saying farewell to two long-time Opus teammates who are embarking on their next adventure: retirement!

Kimberly Searing has been with CRG and Opus for 15 years, and Debbie Light has worked here nearly eight years. They’re both retiring at the end of March—we checked in with them to get the lowdown on what working for Opus has meant to them and what’s on deck for their next chapters.


Kimberly Searing, VP of Finance

What changes have you seen in the company?

There has been a lot of change. When I joined CRG in 2005, we had the Seattle office with about 70 employees… now Opus is worldwide with over 550 on the team.

What would you say is the highlight of your time here? 

The CRG Executive Team was a very special group, and the 13 years on this team was the highlight of my career. I had a wonderful opportunity with Opus as I was involved with the recent financial integration of Number 20 and spent time in our London office over the last several months.

What is your proudest career accomplishment? 

As the CFO for CRG, I was heavily involved in the sale of CRG to Opus. I feel I contributed directly to the success and subsequent integration. I feel blessed to have been part of CRG/Opus and know that the company will thrive.

What are your retirement plans? 

Once our world gets back to normal, my husband Tim and I will travel, golf, and spend time with our grandchildren. I look forward to new opportunities in volunteering.



Debbie Light, Senior AP Specialist

What are a few of your favorite memories from work?

Really, just being here every day and interacting with everyone is my favorite memory. I liked when we were a small company because we knew everyone’s name. My first year here, we had a big family picnic, and the yearly Team Connects have been a lot of fun, too. I am especially going to miss being a part of [Opus CEO] Monte’s vision. It’s been the best experience I’ve ever had, seeing someone like Monte who is so transparent in sharing the hopes and goals he has for the company.

Debbie, center back row, and coworkers at Team Connect 2020

What is your claim to fame?

Being in Accounts Payable all by myself and being able to keep up with everything is a big accomplishment. This is a big job, making sure that vendors were paid on time and being able to answer questions from budget owners. Also, having everyone call me “D.Light” has been great.

What advice would you have for someone just starting at Opus?

Get to know each department, and take the time to get up from your desk and get to know people if you can. For me, it was helpful to go chat with people for a couple minutes and really listen to their wants and needs, because it really helped when I was working with invoices. Getting to know people is important, especially when you’re in a role like mine and touch everyone in the company.

What are your retirement plans?

Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to being a homemaker. We have two gorgeous Golden Retrievers, and I want to take them for walks every morning and take care of the house. I’m also researching volunteering for an organization for kids with autism. When my husband retires in two years, we’re going to travel. Our goal is to go to every state and watch an MLB game .

Thank you, Kimberly and Debbie! We’ve enjoyed working with you, and we wish you happy sails.

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