Get ready for a week-long gathering of the top leaders in the events and experience industry.

Join Caryn Mambro, EVP Creative and Kristin Waters, EVP Global Accounts for their fun and informative session on how to use events to amplify engagement and power your ongoing marketing campaigns.

This year, the Convening Leaders program offers four learning tracks to choose from:

  1. Omnichannel Events & Experiences
  2. Seven Change Actions to Transformation
  3. New Business Model Exploration
  4. Resiliency in Life & Work

We were honored to help attendees explore the Seven Change Actions track with a session on engagement and extended event lifespans. In today’s event landscape, brands are brands are challenged to both bring people together while purposefully amplifying their campaigns, content, and communities. In under half an hour, Caryn and Kristin cover how to:

  • Adopt a marketing mindset to design your events as opportunities to source material for campaigns.
  • Explore emerging smart practices to amplify your brand message and maximize engagement.
  • Use proven frameworks to maximize future marketing investments and leverage your events as evergreen engagement drivers

This session, along with a few others, will be available on demand all week. Register today! Use our promo code STAKE200cl21 for a $200 discount to the cost of your registration!

January 11 – 15

6:00 AM – 3:00 PM PT
+ On-Demand Through March 15
Promo Code: STAKE200cl21
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