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Opus | Portland
9000 SW Nimbus Ave
Beaverton, OR 97008

The birthplace of Opus Agency and the agency headquarters, this office west of downtown is home to more than 125 employees and representation from nearly every department. A dog-friendly vibe, copious snacks (Bagel Wednesday anyone?), bike and shower facilities, and local beers on tap help bring the Pacific Northwest vibes to life.


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Seattle waterfront

Opus | Seattle
2200 Alaskan Way, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98121

Overlooking the waterfront from the third floor of the World Trade Center building, the Seattle office is home to more than 150 Opus team members who primarily call the Registration and Event Management teams home. Our Seattle employees enjoy panoramic views of the Great Wheel and the never-ending stream of ferries arriving and departing the nearby terminal, and can spend lunch in the nearby Pike Place Market and Pier 62.


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Boston street view

Opus | Boston
131 Dartmouth Street, Floor 3
Boston, MA 02116

We’ve built a close connection between strategy and creative in our east coast hub. Literally. Our head of creative and our head of strategy, sitting only a few feet apart, embody the sleeves-up, deeply collaborative culture that infuses our culture. Step into our Boston studio to find the music on, the whiteboards humming, and the laughter flowing while we bring it all together.


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Opus | London
29 Kimberley Court
London NW6 7SL
+44 20 8969 4280

London serves as the European headquarters for Opus Agency. The tight-knit team of two dozen has been providing total event management, venue sourcing, creative, and production since 2001. It was at this time they developed a relationship with long-term client General Electric. Our London office is located in the Queen’s Park neighborhood, named after the 30-acre park in honor of Queen Victoria.


Dell Technologies

Engines of Human ProgressHighlighting technology’s role in the global effort to shepherd positive change.



President’s ClubRaising (and exceeding) expectations year after year after year.



Z ClubSetting the standard for an unforgettable incentive program that motivates year after year.