Road Warriors: Staying Connected as a Working Parent

Road Warriors: Staying Connected as a Working Parent

Opus employees are experts at traveling for business. However, there is one aspect of traveling that never gets easier: being away from family.

Opus employees are experts at traveling for business. However, there is one aspect of traveling that never gets easier: being away from family. In honor of National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, we asked the resident Road Warrior moms and dads in the office to share their tips on staying connected to the fam while they’re on the road.

Cathy Burgess—Senior Director, Customer Success

“Take a little bit of home with you. It makes it easier to be away. A picture, stuffed animal, or child’s drawing.”

“Family pizza and a movie night the day before you leave.”

Kristin Waters—EVP, Global Accounts

“Facetime is keykids love to see the hotel room you’re staying in. I have read bedtime books via Facetime to my kids.”

“For groceries, use Instacart or Google Express. You can do this from the road. Order groceries and have them delivered. I use Amazon religiously to recurrently order items so we always have the essentials.”

Monte Wood—Opus President and CEO

“I have always sent pictures and told my kids about where I’m visiting. I tell them something unique about each city. Though I really thought they were not interested and not listening half the time, as they’ve grown up they will repeat things I have told them, particularly when they are studying history or interested in traveling somewhere themselves. I think it has helped them acquire an interest in travel and a curiosity about the world.”

Paula Grayson—EVP, Agency Customer Success

“For longer trips, leave a little bag of activities for the kids that can be pulled out at various times while you are gone. This gives them something new and fun to do while you are gone and something they are proud to show you when you return.”

Laura Parrish—Senior Manager, Customer Success

“Don’t be shy to ask for help! Let friends and family know you are going out of town and your spouse might need help.”

April Abernathy—Senior Director, Event Operations

“Know what works for your children in regards to communication. Daily phone calls? Facetime? No communication at all? They are all different and you need to respect how they deal with the distance. Don’t feel bad if your colleague is Facetiming twice a day and your kids don’t want to talk to you at all – be understanding of their coping strategies!”

“Let go of the guilt – travel is part of the lifestyle and career you’ve chosen, and your kids are going to be just fine. If anything, they’ll have a curiosity for the world and all of the places you’ve been and get the travel bug too!”

There you have it: Facetime + pizza nights + lots of love = Family Success!

We asked a few mini-Maestros what exactly it is that mom and dad are doing at work. Check out more Road Warrior tips here.

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