Event Manager: a great career if you love to travel!

Our resident Road Warriors can certainly tell you: they travel a lot, and have the airline miles and hotel loyalty points to prove it! Managing events around the globe takes a serious amount of jet-setting, so your average Event Manager is a seasoned veteran.

Recently, the popular business travel blog TravelSkills.com featured a list of the best careers for travel addicts. It was no surprise to us to see Event Manager make the list!

Travel Skills breaks down the basic travel requirements for a typical Event Manager:

Event Managers: This job also hits close to home for me since my spouse is an event manager for a big Bay Area tech firm, and it’s easy for me to see the pros and cons that come with this type of work. Event managers plan and stage large corporate events for their own companies, or they work for management companies that contract with large companies to organize their meetings or events. Since everyone loves a party, event management is a feel-good position with lots of fringe benefits, like hotel room upgrades, food tastings, schmoozing with bands or entertainers, going to parties, etc. The position typically requires frequent travel to scout event locations, hotels, restaurants and ground transportation. Once the site is determined, event managers travel back to sites frequently to check on progress, and then travel back to the site again to manage the actual event, which involves very long, high-pressure days ensuring everything is going as planned—and if or when something goes wrong, the manager takes the blame. Also, frequent exposure to all that food and drink can lead to a bulging waistline. Key event management companies in the U.S. include George P. Johnson, Jack Morton, Carlson, Freeman and Opus.

Nailed it! Travel is a major part of the life of an event manager, and though it can often be a fun, adventurous career for a globetrotting type, it is not without its share of stress and challenges. Luckily, we’ve gone to great efforts to capture and disseminate the collective travel wisdom of our resident events gurus. Check out our Road Warrior collection for more info.

Our hats are off to Travel Skills for their insightful look into the life of an Event Manager!

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