Augmented Reality Wayfinding for Events: Transform Your Signage and Sponsor Strategies

Augmented Reality Wayfinding for Events: Transform Your Signage and Sponsor Strategies

Google I/O, Google’s closely watched annual developer conference that takes place in May, is where Google announces their latest technology and product developments. This year at the I/O keynote, Google revealed a new augmented reality wayfinding feature in their event app.

AR wayfinding and signage technology helps attendees get around large event campuses (something Opus clients are no stranger to), by indicating locations of sessions, food & beverage stations, activations, and other event features in relation to the attendee’s current location. Attendees can simply view the event space through their phone’s camera, and AR will populate the live image with nearby points of attraction and helpful wayfinding information. This technology has the power to irrevocably alter your attendees’ expectations for onsite navigation for the better.

From A to B:

Is your event welcoming massive crowds that inhibit environmental visibility for attendees (looking at you, festival planners!)? AR wayfinding enables attendees to easily find important resources like bathrooms, first aid tents, water stations, and charging stations at crowded or low-light events. With AR wayfinding, attendees can make a beeline to their intended destination, rather than aimlessly wading through large crowds until they stumble upon what they’re looking for.

Invite the Sponsors:

AR wayfinding creates an opportunity for countless creative and unique sponsorship implementations. Have a water refill station sponsor? Expand their sponsorship by including the water station location and sponsor branding on the AR map. Don’t stop with typical event sponsors! Invite local restaurants, bars, and attractions near the event campus to advertise their location.

Bring the Fun:

Take a page out of Pokémon Go’s book and infuse gamification into your AR wayfinding approach. Surprise and delight your attendees with AR activities and Easter eggs. Imagine how much more fun walking across an event campus would be with an AR scavenger hunt along the way! Don’t forget to include sponsors here; offer a package including a sponsored AR game that leads attendees to a brand’s activation, giveaways, etc.

Be Green and Save Green:

Digital signage is not only innovative, it’s green. Cut down on physical signage materials by supplementing with all-digital AR signage. Additionally, AR wayfinding reduces the budgetary need for physical signage and human directional staff. It’s a win-win-win for your attendees, your budget, and the earth!

We chatted with Groove Jones, industry leading creative technology company that produces AR and VR event experiences. They believe that “AR Wayfinding for events will quickly become a standard practice and not just for the early adopters. The ability to incentivize people to visit parts of your event or venue with AR will lead to very unique offerings and serious ROI.”

It’s easy to feel intimidated by augmented reality technology, but if utilized correctly and creatively, it can significantly enhance the attendee experience. Are you ready to integrate AR into your event strategy? We can help. Let’s talk!

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