How do Silent Disco Breakout Sessions Work?

How Do Silent Disco Breakout Sessions Work?

Silent Sessions make more sense than traditional breakouts for many reasons. Find out why you’ll never go back after giving them a try.

Silent Sessions are meeting spaces capable of simultaneously presenting multiple content tracks. Attendees in the session space have the choice of three or more topic options which are all presented in a silent disco format—that is, attendees have the use of headphones able to access different “stations.” Each station contains corresponding audio to one of the on-stage presenters in the meeting room.

Beat the Crowds:

The Silent Session approach efficiently uses large spaces and meeting halls, and creates a communal environment at the same time. Keeping attendees in one contained space helps with event flow. It reduces attendee movement during moments of “passing” in between sessions, therefore freeing up space in what are normally crowded hallways and pavilions. Even within the silent session space, there is no reason for attendees to get up and move around frequently as there are no “bad seats.” Attendees seated in the back of the room can perfectly hear speakers and presenters because of the silent disco setup.

Keep it Comfy:

It’s easy to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort around silent sessions by featuring soft seating and device charging stations. Keep attendees happy with food and beverage stations in the morning and wine and beer toward the end of the day. The lounge environment will provide attendees an alternative environment to consume content more passively while decompressing and getting some “alone time.”

No More Awkward Exit:

The silent disco format enables attendees to switch content tracks easily and quietly. If an attendee wants to move onto a different topic, they are free to switch to a new station on their headphones. With Silent Sessions, gone are the days of attendees clumsily excusing themselves from a packed breakout room when they’re ready to move on to different content. Less disruption in the room allows attendees to better consume the valuable information presented.

Measure Attendee Interest:

Many silent disco headphone vendors offer headphones with small LED lights on the outside of the earpiece that change color when the attendee chooses a new station. Meeting planners in the Silent Session can keep an eye on what colors the headphones are, and determine which content appears to be most or least popular among attendees at any time.

A Sponsor’s Paradise:

Since the format of silent sessions encourages attendees to stick around longer, rather than moving onto a different property or meeting space, they are ideal spaces for partner sponsorship opportunities. Food and beverage stations + multiple screens in one room = many excellent opportunities for sponsorship. For sponsors, it should be a no-brainer.

Are you asking yourself why you haven’t been utilizing the Silent Session format all this time? Looking for a partner that will help you step up your event production game? Let’s talk.

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