Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Opus Agency crafts brand experiences that connect people and move them to action.

A team of diverse backgrounds and inclusive thinking is a catalyst for ideas that break barriers and drive culture forward. Our goal is to include everyone in the stories we tell and the experiences we create.

The Journey

There has been tremendous progress in the fight for equity and inclusion, yet there is still a long road ahead to achieve a world where everyone thrives. Because of this, EDI is more than an initiative to us. It is a constant call to action to educate, evolve, and challenge ourselves to be better, more inclusive, and more informed. We want Opus Agency to be a reflection of what the future will look like, today within our business. 


Progress means actively listening, learning, and doing. The way we do that is through our EDI Changemakers team, whose charter is to recognize, empower, strengthen, and educate our teams to operate with integrity and work toward making our agency a place where everyone feels welcome and where everyone thrives. 

We are proud to offer a variety of Employee Resource Groups where our team can seek connection and support from peers who share a common identity. 

Making Progress

The work is far from done. We have a long way to go to achieving an agency that is a reflection of the world.

75% women leadership, 22.9% BIPOC, and an employer to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and allies. This represents where we are today; our starting point. We are making progress and we're on a mission.

We want Opus Agency to not just look like the present but represent what the world will look like in the future today.

A Quest for Lasting Change

The pursuit of EDI within Opus Agency is a reflection of the culture at large; where culture evolves to become more equitable, inclusive, and just, Opus Agency intends to evolve alongside it. We consistently take stock of how we can improve and progress toward the future and make our commitment to progress clear in everything we do. We want our evolution to ripple beyond our organization and challenge our industry to do more in the fight for an equitable society.

Forward Progress


On a mission to create inclusive teams by actively recruiting diverse candidates for all open positions.


Donations are given annually to organizations focused on anti-racism, equality, and justice for marginalized groups.


Employees should feel seen and heard, regardless of identity and culture. We give time, support, and recognition to cultural holidays and world events.


Through workshops and training, we educate company-wide on unconscious bias and diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.


Guest speakers, accessible toolkits, and educational materials are available for all employees. We continue to grow our ERG programs to effectively support and uplift our team.


Transparency and accountability are imperative to our EDI initiatives. We regularly track, measure, and report on our progress.