Announcing our January 2015 SUPO!

At Opus, we call our employee of the month award the “SUPO.” It’s kind of a long story, but essentially: It’s “OPUS” spelled backwards, and it sounds a little like “super.” And this month’s SUPO is…

Our January SUPO winner does not toot her own horn, but she is a key member of the team and produces great quality work! She is willing to lend a hand anywhere, and is tireless in her efforts to improve work performance and support her team members.

When our SUPO joined Opus nearly a year ago, she jumped right in and took on some of the most complicated projects. Her contributions were immediately recognized! Always happy to help, friendly, and with a positive attitude, our SUPO brings a unique and invaluable perspective to her projects and tasks. The team relies on her to see a project through and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Some recent accomplishments from our SUPO include:

  • “She went above and beyond supporting a project at 5:00 AM! At a very early hour, she cheerfully stepped in to help. She never hesitates to assist others, all the while with a smile on her face.”
  • “She does magical things behind the curtain, much like the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz!”
  • Our SUPO “not only makes our products better, she helps us to do OUR jobs better.”

Our SUPO tends to work behind the scenes, but today, we are recognizing her front and center. For a job well done and highly valued by the team, we want to recognize…Kristen Martin as our January SUPO!