Announcing our April 2015 SUPO!

At Opus, we call our employee of the month award the “SUPO.” It’s kind of a long story, but essentially: It’s “OPUS” spelled backwards, and it sounds a little like “super.” And this month’s SUPO is…

April’s SUPO exemplifies integrity in everything she does, both in her work and personal life. She is a great team player and an amazing mentor.

An excellent example of everything we strive for at Opus, this SUPO offers great attention to detail, industry experience, and fantastic customer service which are game changers for us. She goes above and beyond to ensure all client expectations are exceeded each and every day. We constantly hear from her clients about the amazing service she provides to them—she’s awesome and brings it every day.

Here’s some of what her coworkers have to say:

  • “Extremely hard working, and she goes to any length she needs to get her customer satisfied. Her experience and ability to teach shines like a diamond—we’d be lost without her!”
  • “She’s stepped in the midst of being down one member of the already small Promo staff. In the first quarter, the team surpassed their revenue goal, and this was due in a large part to her extra work!”
  • “She’s always a rockstar at her job, but I think she especially deserves SUPO this month because of all her hard work over the past few months. She won one client in particular over with her amazing service, and they’re now coming to Opus for needs outside of events. That program was super long and tough, but she rocked it.

Congratulations to this month’s SUPO…Carole Dowsett!