Announcing our November 2015 SUPO!

At Opus, we call our employee of the month award the “SUPO.” It’s kind of a long story, but essentially: It’s “OPUS” spelled backwards, and it sounds a little like “super.” This month’s SUPO is…

Our November SUPO is known for being willing to take on grueling tasks with professionalism and a smile. Her hard work and constant drive to better herself—and her team—are paving the way for future members of the team.

Her peers had this to say:

People: She has such a positive, can-do attitude with every project she touches.  Her dedication to understanding her role and how it affects the team, project and client, is immense.

Values:  She is very detailed in everything she does and sets “challenges” for herself, including continually breaking her own records for packing up!  She takes a lot of pride in her work and is always willing to jump in on any task!  She is eager to learn and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions. She then masters that task moving forward.

Methodology: From running around the streets of New York all day gathering client requests, to ensuring event onsite supplies are 100% accurate, her precision is enhancing best practices and setting the bar for the future team members.

As part of the Event Operations team, November’s SUPO collaborates with many teams within the agency to plan and meet logistical goals for all types of programs. Her fresh perspective helps everyone around her operate at a high level, consistently raising the bar for the work we do. Congratulations to the November SUPO… Madeline Golden!