Opus Agency COO Dena Lowery presented not once but twice at this year’s Corporate Events Marketing Association (CEMA) Summit, an annual gathering of the leading voices and thinkers in events marketing.

Fresh on the heels of a Monday breakout session—co-presenting with Workiva’s Director of Global Events, Diana Cam, on best practices and growing pains for mid-sized, fast-growing companies—Lowery also presented her thoughts on building effective teams earlier today.

Presenting concepts from her eBook on the topic, The Magic Behind Winning Teams (And the Discipline Behind the Magic), Dena was joined by CEMA peers and eBook contributors Jeanne Robb (Cisco Director of Global Corporate Events) and Michele Schneider (Salesforce Vice President of Strategic Events).

Relationships are what make the event marketing industry go. Those relationships are sustained through a team’s understanding, focus, follow-through, and delivery of quality results. The panel discussed how to build and support teams capable of delivering—specifically around the concepts of people, values, and methodology. (If those ideas sound familiar, they should; People, Values, and Methodology make up the three key pillars of Opus’ customer success formula, TeamCS™.)

Congrats on a job well done, Dena!

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