Announcing our January 2016 SUPO!

At Opus, we call our employee of the month award the “SUPO.” It’s kind of a long story, but essentially: It’s “OPUS” spelled backwards, and it sounds a little like “super.” This month’s SUPO is…

January’s SUPO takes immense pride in the work he delivers, and relishes working with his team. This fall, when the budget workload exploded somewhat unexpectedly, he stepped right in without a second thought. When he’s working with other members of his team, it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “Wait, what did you just do?!” Not to fear—he’s just blowing someone else’s mind yet again with his Excel wizardry.

At Opus, we distill our recipe for great teamwork and customer success into a simple formula: People + Values + Methodology = Customer Success. We call this TeamCS™. This month’s SUPO is an exemplar of this formula. Here are a few things his peers had to say:

People: This SUPO supports his Opus Team and Client Team with great energy, resilience, knowledge and collaboration.

Values: He has a very strong work ethic and does what is needed to get the job done. He is not one to shy away from questions outside of his scope that will better assist him in his daily duties, or engaging in dialogue that helps his team members improve on their daily responsibilities. He is always focused on meeting the needs of the team and the client.

Methodology: He is VAT-Man for the Salesforce World Tour team. His knowledge of international monetary rules and practices is astounding. He has amazing knowledge of Excel and is a go-to for questions about Excel or using this tool to better the Salesforce World Tour processes . His Excel skills have been taken beyond budgets and created efficiencies for catering grids, temp grids, and others .

January’s SUPO is known around the office to be accurate, dedicated, driven, and to have a fantastic sense of humor. Though he’s only been here just over a year, he’s already had a huge impact on the Salesforce World Tour team. He did not hesitate to jump feet-first into a large program, immediately providing top-notch work product, and establishing himself as a dependable teammate. Congratulations to January’s SUPO… Elliot Miles!

Do these qualities sound familiar? If you or someone you know would be a good fit for Opus, check out our careers page to see our current openings. You could be the next SUPO!

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