Congrats to the Third-Quarter SUPOs!

At Opus, we call our employee of the month award the “SUPO.” It’s kind of a long story, but essentially: it’s “OPUS” spelled backwards, and it sounds a little like “super.” The SUPOs for the third quarter are…

We honored three different SUPOs through the summer months! Each of these Maestros go above and beyond.

In July, we nominated an Opus vet whose wealth of knowledge enables her to encourage collaboration and shared responsibility within and outside of her team. Here’s what her peers had to say:

People: She is a person with work, team, and personal integrity. She is always ready to jump in quickly to help the team succeed. She provides endless information to help make our job easier and offers to help complete projects.

Values: As a long-time employee, she leads by example and is always empathetic and a thoughtful mentor for those around her. She is humble with high emotional intelligence when suggesting a different approach.

Methodology: Accuracy and efficiency are her dedication in all aspects of her responsibilities. Not one to get weighted down in established “best” practices, she is always receptive to change and finding the true best practice.

Congrats to the all-knowing information wizard, creator of three-line Excel formulas, big kahuna of cooperation, Business Analyst Erin Johansen . Great job, Erin!

Erin Johansen SUPO

July SUPO Erin Johansen supporting Make-a-Wish with her family.


In August, we found a Maestro who has taken all the onsite “learn-froms” in her time at Opus and put them toward better herself and the rest of her team. Her peers had this to say:

People: When given a difficult role, this SUPO does everything in her power to get it done for the team because she knows people are counting on her. She also takes the time to share her challenges so that she can help others who might run into the same situation. Above all, she always has others’ best interests at heart. She even finds the time to get cupcakes for the birthday Maestros to make them feel special!

  Values: There is no doubt she will work until the job is done. She exemplifies someone who works with integrity through her communication, work ethic, and initiative.

  Methodology: She is organized and diligent about laying out her deliverables on a rolling calendar so she can keep track of all the details that go into keeping the program running smoothly.

Three cheers for a SUPO who fits the full description of a team player; someone who can be relied on to get it done with a great attitude—Event Operations Coordinator Angela Freeland! Way to go, Angela!

August SUPO Angela Freeland volunteering for the Oregon Food Bank.

August SUPO Angela Freeland volunteering for the Oregon Food Bank.


For September, we celebrated a longtime Maestro who is known around the office as a “strategic planning ninja.” Her peers shared these insights:

People: This SUPO is a great ambassador for the Opus culture and a trusted colleague. Her input is always valuable and deserves to be sought by others.

Values: Although a longtime Maestro, this SUPO works at the executive level, so not everyone may fully appreciate everything she does for us .

Methodology: She has a background in event management and an innate knack for #GSD (Getting “stuff” done).

Put your hands together for a Maestro who pulls things together so artfully she might belong in an events industry museum, Director of Corporate Strategic Planning Kelly Ten Pas. Congrats, Kelly!

September SUPO Kelly Ten Pas putting her strategic planning skills to work.

September SUPO Kelly Ten Pas putting her strategic planning skills to work.


Do these values and qualities sound like you? Would you like to work in an office full of people who share your values? Check out our careers page to see our current openings!

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