Give it Up for the 2017 TeamCS Award Winners!

Every year, the Opus team takes a day to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished in the last year. We call this all-day agency offsite Team Connect. During the celebration, we present awards to employees that have embodied TeamCS in the last year. Check out these rock star Maestros and what their peers have to say about them.


The People awards honor those who have made personal contributions to our team. These winners are mentors, team players and wonderful friends to their coworkers.

Kellie Jewett – Director, Customer Success

“This woman  is AMAZING. She manages our biggest team and runs our largest event with grace and professionalism. She is trusted adviser with our clients and never breaks a sweat!”

Natalie Blakney – Director, Global Accounts

“If you get the opportunity to work with Natalie, you immediately will appreciate not only her great work ethic, but how she does it—she cares about her clients and her colleagues. She is incredibly skillful at navigating the waters to ensure TeamCS is in place, all the time.”

Rob Perkin – Sr. Director, Promotional Marketing

“Rob is someone I look up to in many ways. I admire his patience and his calm demeanor. You can tell he is dedicated to this company and our team because he spends time with each of us and creates plans on how to achieve our goals and become successful.”



The Values awards are given to Maestros who embody Opus’ strong values that lead to customer success.

Jeff Osterman – Director, Facilities and Warehouse

“Jeff is more than a co-worker, he feels like family. I’ve heard people in the office—including myself—refer to him as their ‘Portland dad.’”

Marissa Hagman – Senior Manager, Customer Success

“Marissa Hagman = Hard Worker. She leads teams with grace, is always the first one in and the last one to leave, and is always willing to help a team member, even if her plate is full. She is the definition of TeamCS.”

Autumn Brown – Senior Manager, Customer Success

“Autumn is a total professional! She demonstrates leadership both in the office and out on the road.”


Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence awards signify contribution to our team productivity. These winners improve processes, successfully lead projects or teams, and help others in being successful as well.

Katie McIntyre – Manager, Technical Producers

“Katie uses her skills and knowledge to try to find new ways of approaching her work and constantly shares that knowledge with the rest of the tech team.”

Dana Larson – VP, Digital and Content Strategy

“Dana has the ability to look at our current state of business and make intelligent recommendations for process improvements and change. She does so in a way that is respectful to the best practices in place.”

Deanna Doty – Production Accountant

“Always willing to help, advise, and create a more efficient process, Deanna helps so many team members on a daily basis—with a smile on her face. I know I can reach out to her with questions or thoughts, and she’s more than willing to provide her guidance.”

Rookies of the Year

The Rookies of the Year awards go to Maestros who have been on the team for less than a year, but are on the fast track to mastering the art of customer success!

Carleen Nikzi – Senior Program Manager, Development & Operations

“Carlene has demonstrated a very keen eye towards TeamCS in a very short time. She is articulate, professional, and in every way the type of employee Opus strives to attract.”

Joey Salloum – Senior Client Business Analyst

“Has he really only been here under a year?? Joey is amazing. He is a Rock Star on so many levels. Do not be fooled, this soft-spoken newbie is a powerhouse and a truly invaluable member of the team!”

Stormi Boyd – Senior Manager, Customer Success

“Clients can’t get enough of this one! She is smart, quick-witted, and has the ability to execute very complex actions with a smile. Rock star!”

Does this sound like a team you’d like to be a part of? Take a look at our careers page for openings.

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