Maestro Labors of Love: Noah Dunham

Opus values work-life balance, and celebrates the amazing and creative passion projects that our employees maintain outside of work. In this series, we’ll be highlighting Maestro side hustles.

Name: Noah Dunham

Title: Associate Producer

Side Hustle: Tour Punisher Podcast 

What is Tour Punisher?

A podcast that interviews musicians about their experiences on tour. We mostly interview established Portland bands, like the Decemberists. Learning about 5 adults being stuck in a van driving around the country for months can be interesting. As a producer, it’s fun for to hear what makes live performance special and important to these artists.

How did you get into this side hustle?

My background is in the performing arts, it has naturally always interested me. One of the guys I produce Tour Punisher with is a lead singer of a band and has been on tour quite a bit. The premise of the podcast was his idea, and we brought it to life together. I had produced a few audio documentaries in the past so I felt confident with the technology needed to produce a podcast.

Speaking of performing arts, you also help in the production of a play on bikes, right?

Yes! Bike Play is a play on bikes that takes place every year during Pedalpalooza, a bike festival in Portland. 2018 marked Bike Play’s 10th year, and I’ve been involved since pretty much the beginning. In the last ten years, Bike Play has continued to grow. This year, one of the rides had 200 people in attendance.

How does your experience at Opus inform your side hustle?

Understanding technical needs of a production has allowed me to more effectively execute my passion projects. For example, Bike Play 2018 was a musical performance, so we wrote and performed original songs for the production. I suggested we incorporate a wireless mic system for this year’s play, and I never would have known to suggest that without my experience as a producer at Opus.

How does your side hustle enhance your work as a producer?

Producing a podcast and volunteering in the performing arts scene in Portland reminds me to keep creativity top of mind. I think it’s important that all employees at Opus (and other creative agencies) should engage in creativity in their personal lives in some way.

Additionally, live experiences are meant to tell a story. Both my experience at Opus and my passion projects have taught me how to tell a story through live experiences more effectively.

Where can we learn more?

You can listen to Tour Punisher on iTunes and most other podcast platforms. Also, check out Tour Punisher and Bike Play on Instagram.

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