Raise a Glass to This Year’s Integrity Award Winners!

Raise a Glass to This Year’s Integrity Award Winners!

It’s award season here at Opus! Please join us in congratulating the Maestros who took home our top honor, an Integrity Award.

Every year, Opus Agency gathers for Team Connect, a celebration of our past year’s success and a look forward at what the coming year holds. During Team Connect we present the Integrity Awards, a highly coveted recognition of those Maestros who raise the bar, lead by example, and mentor others. The trophies this year were beautiful glass swirls, representing the international symbol for integrity. Integrity is the core value of Opus, and we are proud to see this value embodied in everyone who works here and throughout the spirit of the entire agency.

Let’s hear more about this year’s Integrity Award winners!

Carrie Hanley, Account Management

Our first winner is the epitome of integrity. She’s been a key part of our integration efforts in recent years, helping her team to navigate big changes while setting her people up for success. Known for her tireless work ethic, easygoing communication style, and a knack for putting clients at ease, she sets an example for others to follow and is a true shining star!

Krista Ritums, Registration

Krista is always working toward continuous improvement on behalf of our clients. You can assign her any challenge, and she’ll take full ownership, with a strong commitment to excellence. Her dedication to her teams and clients is unmatched, and her manager said, “she’s smart, supportive, and we’re so lucky to have her on our team. I’d CLONE her if I could!”

Erica Snow, Event Management

Erica truly embodies a passion for what Opus does and constantly champions how we can best create a positive environment and culture for team and client success alike. When she makes a decision, she always does it with forethought and honest intentions – which is why she’s such an inspirational role model for those around her.

Mary Healy, Strategy

With high expectations of herself and her output, Mary exemplifies integrity at Opus. Bright, curious, and quick to ask the right questions that help us continually improve, she is passionate about accelerating our position as a strategic agency and is building a great team that not only is knocking it out of the park but having an awful lot of fun doing it.

Diana Oslund, Human Resources

Diana is a lighthouse for employees, drawing people in for advice, information, support, and simply to enjoy an easy conversation with someone with a huge heart. She takes it as her personal mission to serve the people of Opus, and she always seems to have time to help, no matter how busy we know she must be. Oh, and have you ever seen her NOT smiling?

Alec Catalano, Opus Creative Studios

Alec is honest, kind to his coworkers, and curious to learn new things. His team trusts his work and appreciates his collaborative, roll-up-his-sleeves work ethic. He takes complete ownership and responsibility in everything he does and stops at nothing to ensure the work is of the highest quality – which is why clients quite literally ask for him by name .

Nicole Worthington, Opus Creative Studios

A multi-disciplinarian with a deft eye, an active awareness of current trends, and a strategic mind, Nicole boasts an ability to work independently while also thriving in collaborative team settings. Known for her poise and polished bedside manner with clients and colleagues alike, she is a young leader, a mentor, and a true master of her craft.

Karen Plichta, Finance

The ultimate team player, Karen approaches every challenge with a positive attitude. A total workhorse who ALWAYS goes the extra mile to support the team, she is famous for her tireless work ethic. With a natural curiosity that leads her to dig into issues and solve problems, her love for learning makes her a huge asset for our agency. And she’s just a little bit rock ’n’ roll, too.

Howie Cockrill, Legal

Howie is the personification of integrity. He takes total ownership and responsibility for his work. He’s firm when the situation calls for it, while always remaining positive and collaborative. A born communicator, he’s famous for making the complex simple, and he constantly seeks honest feedback and continuous improvement. (Oh, and we’re glad he’s on OUR side!)

Barry Keesey, Production

With a track record of well over a decade of driving customer success for our organization, Barry defines integrity in both his actions and his leadership. His teammates trust him completely – he will never let you down, and he is ALWAYS ready to jump in and help. Highly respected in our industry, he’s also a talented musician and semi-pro barbecue and beer taster.

Mark Tietsort, Production 

Executing onsite as a consummate professional for some of our largest clients, Mark travels and works tirelessly on their behalf. He is creative, innovative, and always seeking out new solutions, and he’s known as a stellar leader and teammate. And he loves scotch, board games, and the band Rush – not necessarily in that order.

Stormi Boyd, Event Management

Commitment. Responsibility. Dedication. Stormi tackles some of Opus Agency’s most complex events – including one of our largest EVER – with her trademark tenacity. When a situation becomes challenging, she instantly drops into solution mode, holding herself to high standards, supporting her team, and solving problems. She’s a success-creating MACHINE.

April Abernathy, Event Management

Polished, poised, and professional, April holds herself to incredibly high standards while also mentoring the agency’s next generation of leaders. Her portfolio is broad and includes driving integration efforts, supporting executive strategic planning, and shaping the way we do business. She is respected by all, and she defines what integrity means to our organization.

Elizabeth Warren, Event Management

Impacting clients’ bottom line in countless ways, Elizabeth has an eagle eye for savings and process improvement. She’s precise, committed to excellence, and quietly drives financial success on every project, while holding herself responsible and collaborating with colleagues to ensure positive results. She may not be running for president, but she’s got OUR vote! 

Kristen Jacobs, Registration

A nearly 20-year Opus veteran, Kristen has led the charge in building her team and developing essential guidelines to ensure success. Known as the glue that holds her team together, she’s a natural at knowing historical industry trends and predicting future strategies. Smart, methodical, and thoughtful, her easy-going nature also makes her a joy to work with! 

Brooke Hall, Registration

A leader, mentor, and teammate, Brooke holds herself to the highest standards in both her own work and the work of her team. She has guided that team through much change, while helping them shine and succeed with new platforms, new processes, and new clients. She’s respected across the agency and exemplifies integrity while setting a path for others to follow.

Rookies of the year

These five teammates have been at Opus less than a year, but you’d never know it! They hit the ground running and have already made an incredible impact.

Angie Sperrazza, Opus Creative Studios

Another way to view integrity is through an architect’s eyes – in terms of STRUCTURAL integrity. This is the type of foundational, backbone integrity that Angie brings to Opus. She makes every process she touches run smoother, makes every project she’s assigned more successful, and – most importantly – makes every team she’s part of stronger and more effective .

Bailey McCaslin, Registration 

A rookie? A trusted expert? How about both. Bailey manages a key component of some of our largest and most complex programs, and teammates have already witnessed two clients asking for her on their program. Methodical, prepared, and always positive, she enthusiastically tackles new challenges and is a huge asset to her team.

Brent Turner, Strategy

Brent may be a rookie to Opus, but he’s a consummate veteran of agency life. He brings a wealth of industry expertise, which he shares daily. Known for his compassion, warmth, and humility, he’s a deep thinker who’s passionate about up-leveling strategic collaboration across the agency. Simply put, he gets a LOT done – while doing it the right way.

Kate Kjorvestad, Production

A powerhouse producer who has become the trusted partner for a top client, Kate has done so with patience, grace, persistence, and tenacity – and by sticking to her convictions on “the right way to produce an event.” A role model for all who work with her, she’s amazing at everything she does…including renovating the beach house she purchased last fall!

Chad Harris, Information Technology

Chad has already made a remarkable impact in his short time at Opus, turning a project management challenge into a smooth-flowing process. He approaches everything systematically and creates the discipline we all need to simply get stuff DONE. He’s calm, positive, unflappable, and known for both his strong work ethic and a smile that can light up a room .

Interested in celebrating with us at next year’s Team Connect? We might even have a 2021 Integrity Award with your name on it! Visit our careers page to check out our open positions.

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