Recognizing Employees Who Embody Company Values

The Opus team spends one day every year to go all out honoring, appreciating, and celebrating the success and accomplishments of our team members—we call this crazy all-staff, all-day celebration Team Connect. While the day is aimed at celebrating the entire agency’s success, we take the time to recognize a few individual employees who were nominated by their colleagues for exemplifying agency values.

Read on to meet a few of this year’s Integrity Award winners—these shining stars represent everything we stand for as a company.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Rookies of the Year—defined as anyone hired in the last year who hit the ground running with a can-do spirit and embraced the company values of integrity in all they do from day one.

Justine Vanderveen, Event Coordinator

“She teaches, she learns, she pushes back for more information to grow, she looks out for opportunities for the team to improve.”


Diana Oslund, Sr. HR Business Partner

“Diana does such a great job in her role of making everyone she interacts with feel welcome and comfortable.”


Howie Cockrill, Corporate Counsel

“I don’t know how Howie does it. He has a tough job and such a heavy workload, but always seems to have a positive attitude.”


Noah Dunham, Associate Producer

“Noah has been on fire since he started. Passionate, driven, creative, and just an all-around awesome person.”


PERSONAL INTEGRITY: The Personal Integrity Award recognizes consistent, outstanding personal behaviors that contribute to our teams’ and our customers’ success.

Liz McCoy, Senior Director of Creative Operations

“One of the most high-integrity people I’ve ever worked with. Liz is highly competent, efficient, and has a knack for cutting to the heart of what needs to ‘just get done’ in any given moment.”


Sylecia Johnston, Contractor Resource Manager

“Sylecia works tirelessly to ensure contractors are aligned with teams and does so with a positive attitude. She always listens and tries to help build/find the best teams for the job at hand.”


Kim Williams, Event Manager

“Kim Williams is the definition of personal integrity. You see her values shine through in her work every day. She truly is someone we all should be inspired by.”


April Abernathy, Senior Director of Event Operations

“April does so much for our team. She is not only the leader of the Event Ops team but she is a strong voice that advocates for Opus as a whole. She is a leader who is highly effective at leading us through change but also demonstrates strategic thought around how we tackle it.”


TEAM INTEGRITY: This award recognizes team members who place the most emphasis on working better together.

Kellene Morris, Technical Director

“She is able to view programs holistically, identifying who and what changes affect each other and effectively communicates back to team members as needed.”


Kami Yorita, Registration Manager

“Kami owns and manages third party events like a boss. Her knowledge is beyond words, she is patient, amazing at onboarding and overall a shining star of an employee.”


Nicole Perkins, Director, Event Management

“Her optimistic style gracefully turns mistakes into learning opportunities, empowering her teammates to quickly brush themselves off and keep moving forward.”


Laura Day, Senior Director of Global Accounts

“Laura has an amazing talent for bringing people together and helping get more from us than we thought we could give. She knows how to create cohesive and positive teams.”


WORK INTEGRITY: Agency leaderships presents Work Integrity award to those with a knack for innovation and creating measurable success.

Jasmine Illingworth, Associate Program Director

“Jasmine is passionate about the work that she does and takes full ownership of her areas. She takes great pride in the work she produces and strives to set her team up for success.”


Lindsay Kushner, Senior Coordinator, Social Media Manager

“Lindsay is always striving to find the best way to be efficient, not only for her own work, but the work of others. She takes ownership and always executes with precision.”


Marissa Gold, Senior Event Manager

“I can’t think of someone who is a better combination of our company values than Marissa Gold. She doesn’t just talk the talk about our culture, she backs those statements up in the way she carries herself and leads those around her.”


Diana Tran, Director, Event Operations

“Diana is truly setting industry standards for facility management. She owns such a complex piece of one of our largest programs and drives the team to execute, truly owning and ensuring success.”

Does this sound like a team you’d like to work with? You’re in luck, we’re hiring! Take a peep at our careers page for openings. Congratulations to this year’s Integrity Award winners!

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