Why We’re Thankful

I make it a point to constantly focus on being grateful, but often even more so during the holidays. A loving family, good health, and fantastic teammates are at the top of my list. Yes, you, Opus/MAS team! I’m thankful for all the diverse, spirited, and brilliant people across our agency, as well as for the integrity in which you operate and the great work you do.

I’m also extremely grateful for the opportunities we are given every day. Our clients give us endless possibilities to be the best we can be. They enable every element of our success. Although I think we thank our clients often, this Thanksgiving season, I would like to express gratitude for a few specific things:

They make the world a better place: Our clients are some of the most innovative companies in the world. These companies are using events and their influence to make society better. They advocate for equality, environmental wellbeing, and human rights. We are proud to support these organizations in achieving what’s important to them—and I’m proud to support people who share my own values.

They make our work fun and rewarding: Not only do our clients enable us to do work we feel passionate about, they make it fun! When fun is infused into work, it stops feeling like work. Mark Twain once said, “The key to success is making your vocation your vacation.” It’s not always easy (we work very, very hard in this industry) but it sure helps. For me, it’s about finding enjoyment and fulfilment in day to day activities. Many of our clients feel exactly the same way.

They teach us customer focus: Our clients invite customers and partners to exciting, elaborate experiences because they truly value them. Every detail is focused on the attendee experience. They work year-round to ensure that the next experience is more valuable, entertaining, and informative than the last. That kind of customer-centric philosophy is both motivating and inspiring.

They are loyal partners, and good friends: Many of our clients have done business with us for a decade or longer. They value strong relationships. The friendships between our Maestros and their client counterparts exist well beyond the staff office and the show floor.

They manifest a culture of growth: Our clients have grown exponentially over the years. It’s amazing to see what they have done. We have been fortunate enough to remain partners through it all. Our customers have strongly encouraged our growth and cheered us on along the way. It’s not in our DNA to let them down and we greatly appreciate their support.

On behalf of the entire Opus team, Happy Thanksgiving!

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