Experiencing the Engines of Human Progress

Dell powers technology that improves the world and the lives of the people in it, yet the role their technology plays is often unseen or unfelt.

To cultivate brand perception and deepen understanding, this Dell Technologies experience showed the world can be a better place.

The eye-catching Engines of Human Progress Pavilion was impossible to miss, with a dozen different exhibits and a 30-foot-long aluminum whale sculpture suspended above the booth. The exhibits brought Dell’s work to life in tangible ways. Excited attendees grabbed a photo op with wings made from some of the two billion pounds of repurposed electronic waste the company has recycled, explored an aquatic environment created from 100% recycled plastic and reclaimed coastal litter, and read about smog reduction on sheets of flower seed-embedded paper printed with ink made from diesel exhaust.

Three-quarters of the booth structure was built from recycled elements, and after the event, the entirety of it was repurposed or stored for use in the future.

“Thank you to the Opus team for the great partnership in making Dell Technologies World such a huge success. We value your exceptional creativity and innovative storytelling in bringing our brand to life. Our strategic partnership with Opus has helped us create epic experiences that continue to raise the bar for Dell Technologies. Looking forward to our continued collaboration in creating amazing events!”

- VP Experiential Marketing | Dell Technologies

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