Taking Events into the Metaverse with Microsoft

Connecting future-building technologists in a groundbreaking metaverse experience built for the near future.

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Microsoft’s Machine Learning, AI & Data Science Conference (MLADS) is a community-driven, internal event. For several days, 4,000 of Microsoft’s finest from across the company gather to exchange ideas, showcase the latest work from around the company, and connect diverse disciplines - fostering a culture of collaborative ideation. Facing digital event fatigue, Microsoft needed to find a way to restore the innovative and collaborative ethos of MLADS in a virtual environment.

The solution was to bring part of the event into the metaverse!

Microsoft partnered with Opus Agency to host sessions in one of Microsoft’s newer acquisitions, AltspaceVR, an alternate virtual experience app offering a wide range of event-hosting features and a blank canvas to create unique digital environments and experiences, and free to users.

Microsoft invited attendees into the MLADS world (accessible with both VR headset and on any PC) to experience three special content sessions and multiple networking hours. Attendees were able to move around the room, raise their hands to ask questions, and network with the speaker in front of the stage, just like an in-person experience. Attendees even reverted to in-person conference habits, congregating in the back of the room instead of filling in the front.

Attendees were thrilled to experiment with the newly acquired technology. Nearly 90% of attendees indicated they would recommend the MLADS conference to a colleague or friend, reported their needs were met by the virtual format, and said they were satisfied with the event.

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