Opus Agency is a brand events and marketing agency focused on driving our customers’ success. Why do so many Fortune 100 companies work with us?

Our operational philosophy—to foster a culture of team while creating Customer Success—is called TeamCS™. It’s grounded in deep thought and actual business research, and enabled by highly effective, strategic teams.

We spend a lot of time thinking about team—we’ve been doing so since 1993, and any success we’ve enjoyed is owed to the thoughtfulness with which we’ve nurtured a culture of teamwork. That doesn’t just make Opus a fun place to work (although it certainly is), but more importantly, it’s a philosophy that drives Customer Success. In short, we’re seeking to redefine the concept of what team really means.



We’ve spent 20 years perfecting the concept of “team”—not just the who, but the how. In an industry where team is everything, Opus hires, trains and mentors people specifically for effective collaboration. Our environments are created for teamwork, and our service lines are totally integrated.



Opus employees operate with absolute clarity about how we do business, and why—everything revolves around operating with integrity. We’re immersed in a culture of trust, transparency, open communication, and respect.

Operational Excellence


An unrelenting focus on customer success is baked into every milestone of every project we undertake. Our systems and processes are renowned in the industry for empowering success and enabling collaboration.

Customer Success


What good is a foundational concept without concrete results to show for it? We’ve spent years developing our formula for customer success—what does it look like when we put it into practice? We’ll let our clients speak for themselves.

The Magic Behind Winning Teams

Winning team cultures don’t happen by accident, and team isn’t just a who, it’s also a how. In this comprehensive e-book, Opus Agency Chief Operating Officer Dena Lowery explains the discipline and approach required to build and sustain a thriving team dynamic within your organization.

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