The 2022 Event Strategy Report — Live Presentation

The 2022 Event Strategy Report — Live Presentation

Did you miss our research reveal at EMS?

The report that set the narrative on what event executives were thinking before the pandemic—is back. Join us for a fast-moving presentation where we’ll compare past data and take a look at fundamental changes to the industry.

  • Event strategy and spending in a post-pandemic era
  • How strategic event planning is evolving at top companies
  • Measurement strategies and key metrics informing strategic plans
  • How different verticals and event roles are shifting in a post-pandemic landscape
  • Register to join on us Wednesday, May 18th at 2:00pm ET.



    Group Editor & Publisher, Event Marketer

    Before coming to Event Marketer in 2007, Jessica spent 15 years in marketing and events, activating challenger brands at high-profile film festivals, producing non-profit events for local arts organizations and providing marketing support for event design and production studios. She once fixed a branded 1972 VW bus accelerator pump on the side of a highway in South Carolina with a paper clip and some string the night before a 30-city college tour. Today she serves as Group Editor & Publisher at Access Intelligence, overseeing editorial content and strategy for Event Marketer and Chief Marketer magazines.


    Senior Strategy Director, Opus Agency

    Across a portfolio of deep client partnerships—including 13 of the world’s top 20 brands—Jessica and her Opus Agency teams harness the power of ambition with a rigor for results. Throughout a career spanning three decades, Jessica has led hundreds of successful events, including growing complex mega-conferences to more than 30,000 attendees. As our senior strategy director, Jessica focuses on delivering experience architectures, portfolio plans, and revenue strategies for her clients. Jessica joined Opus in 2004 with a background in advertising and marketing and has worked with a variety of global brands, including Amazon, AnitaB.org, Cisco, Intel, and Salesforce. She says her leadership style is like Mary Poppins – loads of experience in her handbag, coupled with kind recommendations, advice and direction.

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