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Opus Agency’s Caryn Mambro Named Meeting Professional of the Year

2022 Meeting Planner of the Year

Caryn joins the ranks of Event Mavericks in the 2022 list from Smart Meetings.
Bringing people together during a pandemic and a global staffing and supply shortage requires an unorthodox approach and the courage to do whatever it takes to complete the mission, in other words, a maverick.

Caryn Mambro, Chief Creative Office at Opus Agency, was nominated by peers to join the ranks of the annual Meeting Professionals of the Year list by Smart Meetings. She shared her classified secrets and top advice to inspire the meetings industry. 

Motivational Bugle Call

What is the best possible outcome? Asking myself this question is so motivating. If you can visualize the outcome, you can manifest it and overcome any challenges that present themselves. I grew up in a very sports-minded family and gained a fiercely competitive mindset. No one goes into a game wanting to lose. Envision the best outcome and work your tail off to achieve it!

Lessons Learned

Embrace the turbulence. Your resilience and adaptability will likely surprise you and can lead to unexpected solutions. Great things are seldom safe or expected so if I have learned a lesson from the last two years, it is to embrace the chaos.

Advice for My Younger Self

Do not be afraid to take chances and be bold. Try to experience as much as possible within the industry and also, outside of it. There is so much inspiration happening in various sectors like the arts and emerging technology. Push beyond your comfort zone.

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