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Emerging Engagement Trends in November 2023

Engagement Trends November 2023

Explore how low stimulation, cringy confidence, kidulting escapism, and gamified campaigns are transforming how attendees participate in our events.
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Emerging Engagement Trends in November 2023

Here are the latest experiences, content, and people grabbing consumers' attention.

Low Stimulation

In a high-stimulation, high-output world, consumers are escaping into low-stimulation experiences, content, and activities to lower their stress levels and cope with the overload. With an increase in silent experiences, campaigns encouraging customers to unplug, and simplistic, slow content gaining popularity, the public is embracing relaxation through technology. 

Lush, known for bath bombs and environmentalism, recently opened a new multisensory HairLab that combines light, sound, and a luxury hair care experience. Clients can request no-mirror or silent treatments, or they can come during quiet hours when the music and lighting are turned down.

Event leaders should design health and wellness opportunities that bring joy and positivity to the forefront of their experiences, encouraging attendees to unplug, enjoy easy-to-consume content, and strike a balance of productivity and wellness.

Credit: Lush HairLab / Botanical Washroom

Cringy Confidence

The phenomenon of Tube Girl, a 20-year London-based TikToker known for her satisfying dance videos on public transport, has inspired millions of people around the world to embrace confidence and overcome the fear of being cringy in public. With over 1.5 Billion views on the hashtag #tubegirl, it has become something more than just dancing on the Tube—but embracing confidence and being your authentic self. 

The famed TikTok sensation represents a larger shift in B2B events, encouraging authenticity and confidence in public settings. Event leaders can lean into this trend by inspiring attendees to ditch their fear of appearing “cringy” in favor of self-assurance. We can do this by creating environments where people feel empowered to be their authentic selves by fostering belonging and psychological safety. Attendees can feel free to share the embarrassing sides of themselves to find community and comradery.

Credit: TikTok / Sabrina Bahsoon (@sabrinabahsoon)

'Kidulting' Escapism

With nostalgia and joy being key drivers for the modern consumer, brands are leaning into adult fandom to provide healing through escapism. Immersing yourself in childhood wonders, like a Scottish mud-laden Shrek Airbnb, cooking with recipes inspired by Studio Ghibli animations, or practicing meditation with Disney princesses are allowing consumers to escape adulthood and engage with nostalgic brands in new ways. 

Corporate event planners are taking cues from this trend by incorporating elements of nostalgia and play to provide attendees with an opportunity to temporarily detach from the tides of professional life. Joy-sparking activations like XR simulations, sensory practices, nostalgic collectibles, and elements of adventure like zip lines and tattoos are becoming wildly popular among attendees.

Credit: Alex Mcintosh / Airbnb

Gamified Campaigns

To engage and foster positive connections with consumers, brands are adopting gamified experiences to stand out. From Taylor Swift breaking Google with her recent Vault puzzle game, which saw 33 million puzzles solved in mere hours, to unexpected video game brand activations to new gamified retail experiences, gamification provides an opportunity to uniquely engage shoppers.

Fenty Beauty + Skin Experience created an imaginative experience where individuals journey into the vibrant world of Fenty. Participants are taken on a multi-sensory adventure through orange groves and mountains made of whipped shea butter.

These campaigns highlight the potential of gamification to capture and retain audience attention. Event organizers can foster active participation and positive interactions among attendees by incorporating gamification into events through app-based challenges and interactive digital environments. This approach provides a one-of-a-kind experience wrapped in an effective strategy for increasing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression.

Credit: Mushroom People (Roblox) / Fenty Beauty + Skin Experience

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