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Exploring Emerging AI Angles with Opus Agency and BizBash

Exploring Emerging AI Angles with Opus Agency and BizBash

From the BizBash Leadership Summit to published perspectives, here is how we’re putting AI’s benefits in focus—for attendees and event professionals.
What will drive the future of events? This was one of the overarching questions posed to this year’s attendees of the third annual BizBash Leadership Summit.

This incredible brain trust, made up of event leaders from brands and agencies alike, gathered in person to discuss where the event industry is going and (more importantly) where it needs to go. The hot topic on everyone’s mind? AI.

With participants from Amazon, Bloomberg, Comcast, JP Morgan Chase, TED, TikTok, Zapier, and more, our very own Brent Turner, EVP of Strategy and Solutions, illustrated how AI:

1. Benefits teams

2. Improves event delivery

3. Enhances attendee experiences

BizBash captured the essence of this discussion in their post-event white paper, where Brent explains:

“AI makes it easier for everyone to get instant, personalized information, our attendees are developing completely new expectations for live learning experiences—these expectations will impact instructional design in classrooms, and they will transform content delivery throughout our future events.” 

Brent and BizBash editor Claire Hoffman further explored these topics in a recent article, Checking In: How Are You Using AI in Your Day-to-Day Job?

One thing is clear—AI is here to stay. While event marketers are eager to learn where it will take the events industry in the future, AI was just one of twelve key topics discussed at the 2024 Leadership Summit. To explore all the ideas presented, download the full report.

Brent will continue the AI conversation and explorations next month at the ELX Annual Congress in Las Vegas, July 10-12. 

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