21st Century Fox Leadership Off-Site


Every other year, 21st Century Fox holds a leadership off-site, a gathering of top executives from around the world meant to connect, motivate, and inspire the company’s internal leaders.

Opus’ client had expressed their desire to create a “TED talk-style” experience at the summit, and to that end scheduled a highly anticipated talk from Chris Milk, a well-known artist, filmmaker, and photographer. Milk introduced the idea of a VR experience that could demonstrate the media impact and artistic potential of the platform to 21st Century Fox’s executives. 21st Century Fox and Opus were both sold on the idea, with one minor problem: There were only two weeks left to plan it.

With all hands on deck, 21st Century Fox, Opus, and the event’s production partner, Mountain View Staging, were able to pull off the largest synchronized virtual reality demo ever attempted, according to Milk. To make it all happen, the team had to perfectly execute a number of high-risk maneuvers:

  • Acquire, open, assemble, and load custom software and video content onto 125 phones inserted into Samsung Gear VR headsets.
  • Charge, re-package, and gift-wrap each VR set before distributing them to the event’s attendees.
  • Develop a strategy to remotely launch all the devices’ video content at once, which required flawless internet connectivity and the development of a custom, purpose-built app.
  • Provide hands-on real-time support from technicians who roamed the audience, who only ended up needing to assist five attendees out of 125.

Opus produced and managed a highly polished three-day event, planned to a very minute level of detail. The VR experience was the pinnacle of the summit, and was met with resounding applause from the 125 media-savvy executives in attendance. At Opus, we pride ourselves in the ability to meet our clients’ needs and build their success.

This drives us to take risks, and continue pushing the envelope in experiential marketing.




Project Details

  • Client: 21st Century Fox
  • Services: Executive-Level Summit, Event Production, Event Technology, Virtual Reality, Event Management
  • Website: 21st Century Fox
  • Client Quote: “You guys and your wonderful teams are amazing. Magicians. Poetry in motion. Risk-takers along for the ride with us. Could not have done this without your leadership, creativity and steady hands. Please thank everyone at Opus. No one goes unnoticed.” — Julie Henderson, EVP & Chief Communications Officer
  • Winner, 2015 Experience Design Awards Best Single Technology Interactive (Silver)