Daimler Top 150


Daimler Trucks North America is a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks. Upholding their own high standards of design, quality and “fit and finish” means that Daimler takes attention to detail to a whole new level. It follows, then, that their internal events are held to the same exacting standards.

Each year, Daimler holds a meeting of its top 150 (or so) managers and executives from around the world. The meeting is an opportunity for the company’s leaders to come together to celebrate success and discuss the challenges Daimler faces in their pursuit of quality products and high-functioning teams. Themes differ year to year, determined by the changing business landscape as well as by business unit, but Opus is on hand to not only uphold the high quality of these events, but to help keep the content, environments, locations, and activities fresh and relevant to Daimler’s attendees.

In 2015, Daimler wanted their meeting to involve an experiential deep-dive into their products. Opus helped Daimler’s internal event-planning team come up with an agenda that would not only satisfy the need to educate 150+ top-level business leaders, but also keep attendees engaged and entertained over the course of multiple days. In response to these needs, Opus helped execute a week-long conference focused on product knowledge, breakout and roundtable conversations, and an immersive product demo experience. Daimler’s high standards were manifested throughout the event in venue selection, catering, collateral branding, and attendee experience.

Tackling these obstacles—and improving your team in the process—is something that companies around the world have to do. With Opus’ help, Daimler is able to do it better.


Project Details

  • Client: Daimler Trucks North America
  • Services: Event Strategy, Event Management, Creative Development, Content Strategy, Onsite Staffing, Training, Experience Design, Logistics, Executive-Level, Catering, Registration, Brand
  • Website: Daimler Trucks North America
  • From the client: “I wanted to congratulate you on the perfect design, planning and execution of Top 150 event. It was wonderful working with you and many thanks for your hard work and dedication. Your efforts were noticed by all who attended this flawless event.” – Victoria Flanigan, Support Manager, Office of the CEO North America