Daimler Trucks North America Headquarters

When Daimler Trucks broke ground on a LEED™ Platinum corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon, they wanted to make the brand integration as unique as the rest of the building’s characteristics. Having worked on numerous Daimler programs previously, Opus possessed the insight and talent to help reinforce the magnitude of their continued commitment to the Portland community, as well as memorialize their company’s product brands and design in the walls of the building itself.

Opus provided brand integration input during the design process, including wall panels etched with actual engineering design files and machined from truck body aluminum, pervasive vehicle imagery, and unique brand design details throughout the building. Each special design touch was informed and the concepts shaped by a deep study of Daimler Trucks products, company history, and brand pillars—marrying the company’s storied past with the workplace of the future.

To commemorate the building’s grand opening, Opus planned a two-part event. We started the day with a private press event, including remarks from Martin Daum, Daimler Trucks North America President & CEO. The press event and unveiling culminated with guided VIP building tours, hosted by Daimler Trucks North America subject matter experts at designated points-of-interest. We wrapped up the day with six rounds of employee tours, encouraging the building’s residents to experience their new home for the first time.

Project Details

  • Client: Daimler Trucks North America
  • Services: Brand Integration, Brand Storytelling, Event Content, Creative Services, Event Management, Promotional Products, Event Production, Event Technology, Registration, Onsite Staffing
  • Website: Daimler Trucks North America
  • Client Quote: “When I look at the scope and scale of the building, and the detail that was put into it…caring about your employees became more than just a mission statement that we put on our website. It actually became life.” — Paige Jarmer, Corporate Communications Manager, Daimler Trucks North America