Dell Technologies | Engines of Human Progress Pavilion


Dell Technologies designed the Engines of Human Progress Pavilion (the Pavilion) with the objective of demonstrating the organization’s efforts to make the world a better place. The social impact campaign was founded on three key goals: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, and transforming lives with technology.

This eye-catching booth was unique because Dell Technologies was not directly aiming to achieve a certain number of visitors. The goal was simply to tell stories about how the organization is shepherding positive change in our world.


The Engines of Human Progress Pavilion towered above the expo show floor. It was oblong in shape and designed using a unifying blue color scheme, with more than a dozen smaller sections designed to showcase different elements of the campaign’s three goals. It dominated the very heart of the show floor, capturing attendee focus with striking design elements such as an enormous recycled aluminum whale suspended above the booth.

The whale was the crown jewel of the Pavilion, towering above the booth and visible across the show floor. It was inspired by an origami design, consisting of a grand total of 308 laser-cut, 100%-recycled aluminum pieces and custom frame elements that were welded together to bring the 30-foot-long sculpture to life.

The individual sections within the booth all related to the three core goals, such as reclaimed e-waste proving sustainability and ink created from diesel exhaust used to demonstrate how technology transforms lives. In the spirit of sustainability, 75% of the surrounding booth structure used materials recycled from elements of previous Dell exhibits. After event completion, Dell Technologies stored the entirety of the Pavilion structure to be reused in future events.


With more than 15,000 attendees from 126 countries (64% of whom were attending for the first time), this was a vital opportunity to educate the public about Dell Technologies’ goals. The Pavilion itself was impossible to miss, and anyone who entered the expo area would have seen it.

The booth received a constant flow of excited visitors and was a beacon on the show floor, which demonstrated the success of the Pavilion.

Project Highlights

Client: Dell Technologies

Key Services:Creative Services, Strategy, Production, Content Development, Fabrication, Event Management

Client Quote
“Thank you to the Opus team for the great partnership in making Dell Technologies World such a huge success. We value your exceptional creativity and innovative storytelling in bringing our brand to life. Our strategic partnership with Opus has helped us create epic experiences that continue to raise the bar for Dell Technologies. Looking forward to our continued collaboration in creating amazing events!”—Mary Bracoloni, VP Experiential Marketing | Dell Technologies