Experience Future-Ready


Technology is an ever-driving force that continually changes the way we live our lives. The business landscape of today will look radically different in ten years’ time. Because of the rapid rate of change, it’s a daunting challenge to constantly be prepared for the next big thing, and even more daunting to be able to quickly adapt to the new status quo.

Luckily, solutions are already in place. But one challenge remains: how do you communicate the myriad ways in which cloud computing and the modern data center ensure existing systems are ready for everything the future holds?

EMC, Dell, and Intel—with Opus’ help—built a future-ready pavilion, the centerpiece exhibit of the Solutions Expo at EMC World 2016. With the goal of demonstrating to guests the ways in which the modern data center enables enterprise digital transformation, “Experience Future-Ready” showed attendees how their personal and business lives are already being future-proofed.

Attendees entered a space defined by twenty-four towering LED structures, arching 20 feet overhead, displaying animated infographics on an array of topics heralding the age of digital transformation—cloud, mobile, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and others.

A 6-foot model city anchored the exhibit, displaying projection-mapped content on each visible surface. Guests explored the city with a tablet-based augmented reality app, connecting their everyday digital lifestyles to the underlying infrastructure of the modern data center. In the area surrounding the model city, guests used touchscreen displays to explore current technology solutions for key industry verticals.

Attendees consulted with EMC and Dell experts to assess their own future-readiness. Individual assessments led to whiteboard sessions to create customized roadmaps for their own organization’s preparation for the future, all made possible with EMC, Dell, and Intel technology.

The Village

With the goal of making the year’s theme (“modernize the data center”) something tangible that guests could experience for themselves, EMC and Opus created the Village—a collection of digital experiences meant to engage, inspire, and surprise EMC World attendees.

Sprouting from within a broken-down, post-apocalyptic container village rose a 20-foot-tall digital avatar selfie experience. Around the corner lay an interactive digital wall dance party, which allowed people to dance along with their digital selves. A 36-foot-tall people-powered pyramid of light loomed nearby, flanked by massage chairs, a retro video arcade, and plenty of opportunities for cool swag, all of which added up to the ultimate opportunity for attendees to modernize themselves.

These experiences made heavy use of Z-vector technology. This cutting-edge software uses machine intelligence to recognize faces and gestures, then apply real-time digital effects to them in 3-D environments, making for unforgettable moments of digital wonder.

Project Details

  • Client: EMC
  • Services: Content Strategy, Creative Development, Digital Media, Environmental Design, Exhibit Design and Fabrication, Media Production, Onsite Build and Management, Project Management, Scriptwriting, Social Media, Staffing and Training, Talent Management, Technical Project Management, Video Production
  • Website: Future Ready
  • Client Quote: “The companionship, the drive to execute, the diligence, the creativity, the passion, and the core competence made it an amazing outcome!”—Patricia Florissi, Global CTO for Sales, EMC