Unity Technologies | Vision AR/VR Summit



The Vision VR/AR Summit, hosted by Unity Technologies, is a two-day conference for tech leaders, design innovators, and visionaries in the quickly growing world of virtual and augmented reality.


The 2017 Vision AR/VR Summit took place in Los Angeles at the Loews Hollywood Hotel and featured a keynote, partner expo, demo showcase, breakout sessions, and a welcome reception. Unity’s main objective was to showcase latest virtual and augmented technologies in as many event aspects as possible. This was achieved through innovative session presentation and demo space experiences.   The general session space featured a giant, curved screen. The custom-built screen encompassed the space with an almost 180-degree view, just as VR headsets do. The screen offered the audience an immersive experience, as if they were viewing the session through their own VR headset. The highly-anticipated demo showcase featured a custom three-walled booth that formed a fully immersive space allowed users to move about freely and experience the technology.


Vision Summit was the first event of its kind to bring together over 1,400 contributors from a variety of industries: gaming, manufacturing, film, healthcare, and automotive. Opus was instrumental in helping create the ideal environments to highlight virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.



Project Details

  • Client: Unity Technologies
  • Services: Project management, event management, sponsorship management, event registration
  • Website: unity3d.com/events/vision-vrar-summit-2017
  • Client Quote:
    “You were absolutely invaluable.  I’ve repeatedly shared my appreciation for your expertise with our marketing team. Thank you, I can’t say it enough. This was a big important event in so many ways—it was big for the nascent VR industry. I could not think of anyone else I’d rather have manage it.”