Cisco has long held a strong presence at vmWorld, an annual conference focused on virtualization and cloud computing. For the past few years, Cisco has hosted a popular customer appreciation event affectionately known as “#vBacon.” It started in 2013 as an open tab at a local dive bar. In 2014, Cisco moved the event to a local venue and added a “bacon tree” to welcome guests. This year, Cisco wanted to kick things up a notch.

With Opus’ help, Cisco was able to go full bacon.

We helped expand the 2015 event to include more than 200 targeted partners, who Cisco treated to a full smorgasbord of bacon-ified treats. Food stations included bacon-enhanced versions of San Francisco favorites, mini sourdough BLTs, tiny bacon crisp corn muffins, braised pork belly, and even bacon maple bars for a sweet treat. Guests were able to have their photo taken as bacon superheroes, apply bacon stickers and temporary tattoos, and enjoy a scotch-tasting station.

Cisco’s #vBacon event is a fun, memorable way for them to show appreciation for their clients by letting them drink, dance, and clog their arteries to their hearts’ content. Opus was happy to help, even if it went against doctor’s orders.

Project Details

  • Client: Cisco
  • Services: Event Strategy, Event Management, Creative Development, Promotional Marketing, Digital Media, Social Media, Experiential Marketing, Customer Appreciation, Bacon
  • Website: Cisco

Select #vBacon participant photos:

Bacon Superheroes

Bacon Buffet closeup

Bacon Buffet

Bacon Superhero Head-in-a-Hole

vbacon tweet