The Relationship Between Creativity and Technology: It’s Complicated

Creative professionals are tasked with balancing creativity with technology, this balancing act can be a difficult one. The speakers at this year’s Adobe MAX, a gathering of 14,000 multi-disciplinary designers, tackled this concept head on. The event embodied this intersection with beautiful creative installations and exciting event technology. Read on to find out more about this fascinating program and what we took away from it. Read More >

2020-06-10T17:09:41-07:00October 24th, 2018|Insights|

Opus Celebrates Women in Technology: Meet Kristen

As an agency with an internal tech team that primarily serves technology clients, we are huge fans of women in tech. We understand the unique obstacles women in the tech industry face, and we’re proud to highlight our female tech team members who are thriving. In this installment of Opus Women in Tech, get to know Quality Assurance Analyst II, Kristen Martin. Read More >

2020-06-10T17:10:59-07:00October 11th, 2018|Insights|
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