Opus: the Intern Experience

Looking at an internship in the events industry? Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about working in a fully integrated agency environment while still earning class credit. Opus is proud to offer multiple academic placements every year to help students get a taste of the working world, as well as some insight into and experience in the world of brand events and marketing. Read More >

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eBook: 10 Keys to the Perfect Site Visit

Your venue may be the most important factor in the success of your event. Getting the full picture on your venue is integral to the strategic and logistical planning requirements of your program. How do you assess the feasibility of a site on a short timeline? Read More >

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A Day in the Life of an Event Manager

Opus Agency’s team of event managers operates on the ground and in the moment, creating amazing experiences for our customers’ attendees. We recently managed to get one of them, Event Coordinator Madeline Golden, back in the office long enough to describe the joys, challenges, and mascot-related misadventures involved with being an event management pro. Read More >

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EMC Recognized for Consistently Incredible B-to-B Events

EMC was recently featured in Event Marketer for their impressive work in the B-to-B event space. It was a pleasure to partner with EMC on this amazing project—their continual drive to push the envelope of what is possible in B-to-B events is a challenge we love taking on, again and again. Read More >

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Top 3 Tips to Swag Like a Pro

If you’ve been to an event, you probably came home with a branded pen. In a branded tote bag. That’s also holding a branded T-shirt. And pens, totes, and T-shirts are just the beginning of the hundreds of thousands of promotional product options for any given event or marketing initiative. Read More >

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