Rethink Vegas: Unique Offerings Off the Strip

Event professionals and meeting planners spend a lot of time in Vegas. Like, a lot of time. My team often refers to Vegas as their second home, as they spend weeks there every year. When meeting planners think of Vegas, a few clichés come to mind: heavily air-conditioned meeting spaces, stereotypical casino carpet and décor, and the unmistakable sound of slot machines. Read More >

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Four Reasons Event Pros Love Film Festivals

Tickets to film festivals around the country are becoming more coveted and sought after every year. As event professionals, we asked ourselves, “What are these film festivals doing right?” Turns out it’s a lot! We sat down with the folks from the Napa Valley Film Festival, Marc and Brenda Lhormer, to learn more. Read More >

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eBook: 10 Keys to the Perfect Site Visit

Your venue may be the most important factor in the success of your event. Getting the full picture on your venue is integral to the strategic and logistical planning requirements of your program. How do you assess the feasibility of a site on a short timeline? Read More >

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