e-book: Key Steps to Acquiring the Right Audience for Your Event

One major question that faces any event marketer at the outset of the planning process: how do I fill these seats? Event registrants and final attendees are probably one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you’re using to track the success of your event. Do you feel like you’ve got a lot of questions and not a lot of answers? You’re in luck: this e-book will help you assemble the ideal audience for your next event. Read More >

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e-book: Six Reasons You Need Event Content Strategy

In an increasingly competitive environment, brand marketers are investing more in their event content with the aim of attracting attendees and creating powerful engagement around their key messages. To help you understand just that, we’ve put together this e-book outlining six steps (and their associated benefits) to implement a content strategy for your events. Read More >

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eBook: 10 Keys to the Perfect Site Visit

Your venue may be the most important factor in the success of your event. Getting the full picture on your venue is integral to the strategic and logistical planning requirements of your program. How do you assess the feasibility of a site on a short timeline? Read More >

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eBook: 12 Tips to Recharge Your Incentive Trips

Incentive programs aren’t easy! Every organization has their own set of values, culture, and system of accountability. Once they’ve been established, and you’ve built an incentive program to reflect them, the big question remains: How do you create an incredible incentive trip?Read More >

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eBook: 3 Essentials Every Event Marketer Should Be Measuring

3 Essential Metrics For Event Marketers from Opus Agency Event Marketers own some of the most immersive and powerful touchpoints in the customer experience landscape, which puts us under increasing pressure to demonstrate return on investment. But are we losing focus on the Customer Experience and how that is linked to ROI? Read More >

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