Five Lessons Event Professionals Took Away from the Fyre Festival Nightmare

Fyre Festival, last year’s disastrous millennial music fest meltdown, resulted in attendees stranded on an island, millions of dollars in vendor invoices unpaid, an ever-mounting pile of lawsuits filed, and countless hilarious memes. The entire internet has been reliving the train wreck for the past few weeks after the release of two in-depth documentaries presented by Netflix and Hulu on this monumental fiasco. Read More >

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Rethink Vegas: Unique Offerings Off the Strip

Event professionals and meeting planners spend a lot of time in Vegas. Like, a lot of time. My team often refers to Vegas as their second home, as they spend weeks there every year. When meeting planners think of Vegas, a few clichés come to mind: heavily air-conditioned meeting spaces, stereotypical casino carpet and décor, and the unmistakable sound of slot machines. Read More >

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Make Your Next Event a Strawless One

The “strawless” movement is in full swing. Major cities such as Seattle and Malibu have banned or limited the use of plastic straws. Restaurants across the country are voluntarily removing plastic straws from their businesses as well. Why? In America, we use over 500 million straws every day; most of them end up in the ocean. Read More >

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11 Ways C2 Montreal is Unlike any B2B Conference You’ve Ever Attended

Last week, I attended C2—the Commerce and Creativity Conference—in Montreal, Canada. It had Snoop Dog (talking about the legalization of cannabis) as the big draw, but that’s not why I wanted to go. I was primarily interested in seeing a new event experience, and evaluating how that might be applied to the B2B events we work on, which are largely tech company user conferences. Luckily for me, there was no shortage of ideas to draw on. Read More >

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We Asked Our Team for Their Best De-Stressing Tips

In 2017, CNBC released a list of the most stressful jobs in America; event planner landed at #5. Additionally, May is one of the busiest times of the year for our team. How do you keep feelings of pressure at bay during this time as an event professional? We asked around the office for advice—here’s what these professional de-stressors do to stay sane. Read More >

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