Recognizing Employees Who Embody Company Values

The Opus team spends one day every year to go all out honoring, appreciating, and celebrating the success and accomplishments of our team members—we call this crazy all-staff, all-day celebration Team Connect. While the day is aimed at celebrating the entire agency’s success, we take the time to recognize a few individual employees who were nominated by their colleagues for exemplifying agency values. Read More >

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Why We’re Thankful

I make it a point to constantly focus on being grateful, but often even more so during the holidays. A loving family, good health, and fantastic teammates are at the top of my list. Yes, you, Opus/MAS team! I’m thankful for all the diverse, spirited, and brilliant people across our agency, as well as for the integrity in which you operate and the great work you do. Read More >

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What it Takes to Produce Big-Name Talent

Event production involves many moving parts that can greatly affect an event; Opus producers are able to adjust to each facet to execute flawlessly. Sometimes, the most delicate aspect of production is the onstage talent. Opus producers are no stranger to producing celebrity talent. I have experience working with Gavin DeGraw, Alicia Keys, Steve Miller Band, and John Legend. While celebrity talent can add to attendee experience, it also requires extra measures from the production team. Read More >

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Opus says “Farewell” to the Summer Interns!

Opus was excited to welcome a crew of interns this summer! Sadly, their internships are ending. We’re reflecting on their time with us and getting excited for the next steps in their professional journeys! Here’s what our interns had to say about their Opus experiences: Read More >

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Opus Celebrates Women in Technology: Meet Petra

As an agency with an internal tech team that primarily serves technology clients, we are huge fans of women in tech. We understand the unique obstacles women in the tech industry face, and we’re proud to highlight our female tech team members who are thriving. In this installment of Opus Women in Tech, get to know Technical Project Manager, Petra Fasana. Read More >

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We Asked Our Team for Their Best De-Stressing Tips

In 2017, CNBC released a list of the most stressful jobs in America; event planner landed at #5. Additionally, May is one of the busiest times of the year for our team. How do you keep feelings of pressure at bay during this time as an event professional? We asked around the office for advice—here’s what these professional de-stressors do to stay sane. Read More >

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